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  1. Beautiful little baby! I can't imagine how scary that was.. I am happy to see that you and baby are safe and sound.  Also wanted to say that your nurses seemed lovely!

  2. The same thing happened to me after giving birth to the first twin, the second twins cord came out. And yes same thing, nurse had her hand inside to keep the cord from being pushed on. Congratulations and glad everything turned out fine!

  3. Glad you are ok. Do you regret having an induction and having them break your water at only 39 weeks?? Why? These emergencies usually happen aften doctors and nurses interfere. People are afraid of home births but most of these emergencies don't happen because they are on their time. no one rushing the baby and inducing. I hope next time you don't get an induction and you have a less traumatizing birth.

  4. I burst into tears when I saw that sweet baby boy. Crystal, he is so beautiful! I am SO thankful that you and baby boy are OK. Take all the time you need to rest. YouTube and your viewers will be here when you return. <3

  5. Congrats on your little boy! I havent watched any of your vlogs but this popped up and my heart sank. I cried. As a mother of 2 I couldn't imagine the fear that ran thru your mind for those 22 mins. And huge kudos to your nurse that saved his life!!!! 💙💙

  6. I'm so glad you guys are ok! A year ago I had to have an emergency c section with my first baby. My water had broke at home but I had no contractions, then when I got to the hospital they put me on pitocin. I was stuck at a 4 with no dialing and we got an infection, I was rushed into an emergency c section. I was in labor for 36 hours. But all worth it for my beautiful baby boy! It's not easy. I would walk as much as you can and elevate your feet at night. Hope recovery is going well and congratulations!

  7. I'm just going to pause the video and finish it later… I'm pregnant and have to go to work in a half an hour, I don't want to cry! lol But huge congrats on little man. I hope all is well, and wish a good speedy recovery for you mama. 😊

  8. He's absolutely beautiful Crystal! Big Congratulations to you and Brandon 😊 Been waiting to see this little chap for ages feels almost a life time lol. so so so happy for you lovely. Hope you get home or are home and enjoying mummy life xxxx


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